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Propane Equipment Repair and Service

Propane tanks, LP gas piping, and other LPG systems are just like anything else, they sometimes require repair and maintenance. Fortunately, Natural Gas Services is able to perform needed repairs on propane tanks, LP gas systems and other propane equipment. CALL A LICENSED PROPANE PROFESSIONAL FOR REPAIRS OR MAINTENANCE. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MODIFY OR REPAIR YOUR PROPANE TANK OR LP GAS SYSTEM.

Propane Tank Repairs

Gas tanks will likely need repairs if they are not properly maintained. Propane tanks beyond repair are taken out of service as required by law for safety reasons. Preventative maintenance helps avoid costly tank repairs and extends the propane tanks service life. Propane tank repairs are generally made when the tank is empty. Replacing propane valves and parts that are in direct communication with the inside of the gas tank include the fill valve, relief valve, parts of the service valve, and the float assembly of the percentage gauge. Propane tanks do not have to be empty for repairs such as:

  • replacing the dial chamber of the percentage gauge
  • tightening the dial screws of a leaking percentage gauge
  • tightening threaded valves
  • regulator replacement or pigtail replacement
  • propane tank leveling and painting (depending on the tank size)
  • Propane Tank Maintenance

    Preventative maintenance ensures a long life for your propane tank and helps reduce the number of repairs. For instance, rusty propane tanks are dark in color, absorb heat from the sun, and can cause the relief valve to open due to excess pressure buildup inside the tank. If the relief valve does not close properly, all of the gas will leak out and the relief valve will have to be replaced. This also presents another problem, the LP gas system has lost all pressure...this is when gas leaks develop. Not only does the propane have to be replaced, but the relief valve as well. The required leak test may uncover more problems resulting in an extremely costly repair. This could have all been avoided by painting the propane tank a reflective color, which is required by law.


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