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Annual maintenance is essential for your gas fireplace or gas stove. Not only does it keep your heating appliance running at peak performance, but regular service ensures the safety of your home and family.

Natural Gas Services conducts a comprehensive service of your gas fireplace, including everything from the overall appearance to the smallest function. Our service maintenance checklist is one of the most thorough in the industry and offers homeowners excellent value and security.

Inspect Gas Fireplace

Inspection is a major part of your gas fireplace service visit. A certified technician will make sure that the intricate parts of your hearth appliance are well connected and working properly. The valve connections, air shutter opening, seals and pilot light will be looked over by a trained eye. Also, the thermopile and thermocouple will be inspected for wear and cleaned properly.

Bringing your gas fireplace back to its original shine is another important part of the annual maintenance visit. The technician will concentrate on the firebox, cleaning any build up from it, the burner and the glass with care. Also, the gas log set will be properly repositioned and the entire unit will be vacuumed out to remove any dust and dirt. New embers will be strategically placed on the clean burner and logs.

Most gas fireplace repairs are technical and take a trained professional time to complete correctly. Not only will your service technician provide these things, but they will give you helpful instruction on running your gas fireplace in the optimum way. You can trust their guidance and borrow from their experience and knowledge to answer your questions.

You’ll also be advised about any repairs or replacements that need to be done. All of these steps will be covered well and to your satisfaction for a reasonable price. The cost of annual maintenance is small when compared to the level of expertise and security the staff delivers. Fireplace Village stands behind the products they carry by offering top of the line service and annual maintenance. Your gas fireplace or gas stove will be taken care of from the very beginning, providing a safe, efficient and comfortable home for your family.

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